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Looking for your next kitchen adventure? These recipes will help you explore new creative avenues and are meant to be shared and enjoyed with those who matter most to you.

For best results, make sure to use NUCU cookware and bakeware.

Masala Breakfast Hash & Eggs

AngleShot BreakfastHas Thumbnail Bakeware 690x287

The intensely full flavors of garam masala seasoning is a great addition to classic breakfast potatoes. 

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Mexican Tomato Soup

AngleShot Mexican Tomato Soup Thumbnail Bakeware 690x287

Combine the homemade flavors of Ratatouille Sauce with the spicy heat of fresh jalapeno slices for a unique Mexican-inspired soup.

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Rainbow Frittata

AngleShot Frittata Thumbnail Bakeware 690x287

Give yourself a tasty treat with a unique combination of ingredients in this classic style frittata.

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts Medley

AngleShot Brussel SproutMedley Thumbnail Bakeware 690x287

This delicious recipe combines wild mushrooms, apples, walnuts and brussels sprouts for an oh-so tasty side dish your family will love.

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Ancient Grain Pilaf with Pomegranate

Overhead GrainPilaf RecipeImage 690x287

This gluten free vegan side dish is loaded with goodness.

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Ratatouille Sauce

Ratatouille Thumbnail Bakeware 690x287

Tomatoes, yellow squash, garlic, red onions and olive oil. It’s perfect for soup, sauces, or those mini zucchini pizzas. 

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