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Meet Chef Ace Champion


19 Time Award-Winning Champion

Chef Ace Champion comes from the great food state of Louisiana, specializing in Cajun/Creole--the taste of New Orleans!  Chef Champion has over 20 years of culinary experience including titles of Cook Like A. Champion TV series Host, Executive Chef, Personal Chef, Certified Meat Cutter, Event Coordinator as well as Cooking Class Instructor. He is also an honors Culinary Arts graduate of Fox Valley Technical College, one of the nation’s premiere culinary schools.

"We should have the same respect for how we prepare food as we do for how we live our lives,” comments Chef Champion. “Therefore, you not only benefit from the party this food will have with your taste buds, but also from all the nutritional values that come from live foods as well!  I hold nothing back. I share all my secrets and recipes from travels across the U.S., during my southern stints in Cajun country, and from rubbing elbows with the best chefs in the industry. My entrees are the result of learning tricks of the trade and techniques at every stop where food is the draw. When you become a better cook, you become a better person."

Chef Champion cooks with a strong passion, and makes it a priority to visualize his entrees while preparing them, so in turn, he can empower others who struggle with cooking. Chef Champion infuses cultures and ingredients to create a flavor that gives you a champion cooking experience and the know-how to cook a little appeal yourself!

The Law of Attraction & the Power of Positive Thinking are the cornerstones of Chef Champion's passion for food. He believes that if you think you can be a great chef or cook, then you will, but if you think you won't be a great chef or cook, then you probably won’t. Chef Champion believes that before you hit the kitchen, focus on what you want to achieve. You'll serve up a great dish almost every time!  That's why Chef Champion created 8 Steps to Your Perfect Meal, a simple plan to help viewers (and now available in book format too) be more positive in the kitchen on their way to greater productivity and creativity.

"I now understand my purpose in life, and that is to teach the world everything I can about food for the mind, body, and soul," concludes Chef Champion. "Good food, Good times, Good health... the three goods that good food brings."

Cook Like A. Champion

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Learn more about Chef Ace Champion by visiting his website.