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NUCU Baker's Set

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NUCU Baker's Set Includes:

  • NUCU Medium Gold-Coated Sheet Pan(80726WH)
  • Medium Silicone Pastry Mat (80708WH-1)
  • Cooling Rack(T1612W)
  • Medium Cover(3600CV)

NUCU Baker's Set is perfect whether you’re baking cookies, roasting vegetables or freezing a batch of just-picked berries, you’ll find the NUCU® Gold-Coated Nonstick Sheet Pan indispensable. The gold, nonstick coating provides exceptional durability, has great release properties, helps prevent overbrowning and is easy to clean.The cooling rack, silicone pastry mat, and cover provides all of the tools you need to start baking and share your creations.

  • NUCU pans are constructed of heavy gauge aluminum for optimal performance and even heating across the entire surface
  • Cooling rack features a heavy-duty chrome plated construction and is designed with closely spaced wires to prevent food from sliding through and losing form.
  • Safely prep and bake cookies, pastries, candy, meats, veggies and more with this set of versatile, BPA- and PFOA-free reusable nonstick silicone baking mats.
  • Covers are perfect for storing or transporting baked goods because they snap tight to the pan.
  • Gold nonstick coating provides exceptional durability and great release properties, while helping to not overbrown food.


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