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NUCU Introduces Professional-Grade Premium Bakeware and Cookware at the 2019 International Home + Housewares Show

February 26, 2019
NUCU Introduces Professional-Grade Premium Bakeware and Cookware at the 2019 International Home + Housewares Show

Sheboygan, Wisconsin – NUCU®, a brand for the sophisticated home chef that enjoys creating meals and moments meant to be savored, will exhibit its superbly crafted collection of bakeware and cookware at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, March 2-5, in booth S4113. Built to last, NUCU products are constructed with premium materials and an enhanced design that make them both elegant and practical.

The professionally inspired NUCU product lines of bakeware and cookware are designed based on 145 years of experience in manufacturing baking and cooking equipment for the professional foodservice industry from its parent company Vollrath – a brand that is found in both the back and front of restaurants and hotels around the world.

NUCU Bakeware

NUCU bakeware is light weight and strong and makes baking hassle-free. Made in America, the sheet pans and cookie sheet are constructed of 100 percent commercial-grade aluminum that provides even heat distribution. The gold, nonstick coating provides exceptional durability, ensures food doesn’t stick, is easy to clean, and helps prevent overbrowning compared to darker colored, aluminized steel bakeware. The sheet pans, cookie sheet, mats and accessories enhance baking and cooking results and are all dishwasher safe. 

The collection includes the following products:

Gold-Coated Nonstick Sheet Pan

Sizes: Small 9.5” x 13,” Medium 18” x 13,” Large 21” x 15”

The Gold-Coated Nonstick Sheet Pans are ideal for baking cookies, roasting vegetables or freezing fruits and vegetables. A galvanized, non-rusting rod in the two larger sizes prevent the pans from warping in the oven. They are ideal for use at up to 450°F (232°C) and available with optional accessories like covers and cooling racks.

Gold-Coated Nonstick Cookie Sheet

Sizes: 17” x 14”

The 14 gauge, Gold-Coated Nonstick Cookie Sheet is great for baking multiple batches of cookies for years on end. It features an edgeless design, which allows the easy transfer of finished baked goods, and its silicone handle ensures a secure grip and can easily be removed for cleaning. It is ideal for use at up to 450°F (232°C).

Pastry and Baking Mats

Sizes: Baking Mats fit small, medium and large sheet pans; Pastry/Baking Mats fit medium and large sheet pans

The commercial-grade silicone Pastry and Baking Mats are designed for home use in convection and conventional ovens, refrigerators and freezers, and they are dishwasher safe. The mats are ideal for freezing foods, making candy or rolling pastries. Naturally nonstick, foods release quickly and easily without oiling or greasing the surface, making this a healthy baking alternative and more environmentally-friendly than parchment paper.

NUCU Cookware

The NUCU cookware collection is designed with commercial durability for the home kitchen. All pots and pans are manufactured with five layers of premium stainless steel and aluminum for exceptional heat conductivity and cooking performance. Each pan is fitted with riveted handles that ensure a long-lasting, secure fit to the cookware body – whether on a stove top or in the oven. The ergonomic, encapsulated handle of the NUCU sauce pots, sauté pans and fry pans is designed for maximum comfort and balance. NUCU cookware is NSF-certified, offers superior heat diffusion and works on all range types, including induction.

The collection includes the following products:

Stock Pot with Lid

Sizes: 4-, 9.5- and 14-quart

The Stock Pot is paired with a lid that makes the home chef’s life easier. First, the practical recessed lip of the lid, with a concave design, lets condensation fall back onto the food to keep the moisture level consistent. Second, the dimpled center allows the lid to be temporarily rested on the pan edge for stirring accessibility and venting. 

Sauce Pot with Lid

Sizes: 2.5-, 4.0-, 6.5- and 9.5-quart

The Sauce Pot is ideal for simmering meat or vegetable stocks, slow-cooking soups, chili and stews, and boiling pasta. The 5.5-quart features a helper handle with ample space between handle and cookware body for safe handling and room for potholders. 

Flat Sauté Pan with Lid

Sizes: 2.2-, 3.5- and 4.5-quart

The Flat Sauté Pan can withstand years of heavy use in the home kitchen and is perfect for a variety of techniques including: browning, sautéing, searing, sir frying and poaching. 

Curved Sauté Pan

Sizes: 2.2-, 3.5- and 5.5-quart

The Curved Sauté Pan is a cross between a fry pan and a sauce pot and offers maximum versatility whether making a sauce, a stir-fry or sautéing vegetables. The 5.5-quart features a helper handle with ample space between handle and cookware body for safe handling and room for potholders. Lids are sold separately. 

Natural and Nonstick Fry Pans

Sizes: 8-, 9.5-, 11- and 13-inch

The Natural or Nonstick Fry Pans feature flared sides and a flat bottom to make flipping contents easy. Lids are sold separately. 

NUCU is available for sale at nucu.com and at specialty retailers in New Jersey, Georgia, Iowa and Wisconsin.

About NUCU

NUCU® offers consumers a line of professionally inspired bakeware and cookware manufactured by The Vollrath Company, LLC, a leading manufacturer of products for the commercial foodservice industry. The brand makes Vollrath’s professional-grade craftsmanship available for purchase online and at select retailers in a collection designed for the sophisticated home chef. For more details, visit nucu.com.

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