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NUCU joins the HTI Buying Group

November 14, 2018
NUCU joins the HTI Buying Group

NUCU is a new line of premium, stainless steel cookware and 100% aluminum bakeware designed for the sophisticated home chef and baker. Our products are about more than what goes on the table; they're about creating moments to be savored.

Our past enhances our future:

NUCU is manufactured by The Vollrath Company, a family owned business based in Wisconsin, with 145 years’ presence in the Commercial Foodservice Industry. NUCU offers your customers the chance to cook with a pan that is commercial-grade in quality, and beautiful in appearance.

We offer 90 day consignment:

We understand that investing in a new brand is a big decision—that is why we want to you try NUCU first. We’ll send you a selection of NUCU cookware pieces to be displayed in your store at no charge. When you sell a piece and wish to re-order, only then will you be invoiced for the item sold. Please consider this wonderful promotion!

Direct manufacturer relationship:

Would you like your staff trained on the ins-and-outs of our brand and product line? No problem! Our team is dedicated to your success. We offer display set up, training, and a full line of marketing support. From low minimum order quantities to speedy delivery, we do it all.

We are thrilled to be a part of HTI, and look forward to connecting with each and every one of you! Visit our Retailer FAQ section to read about Relish Kitchen Stores’ buying decision to take on NUCU: https://www.nucu.com/resources/retailer-faq/.

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